Mingt tao Li, associate professor, recieved his Ph.D Applied Chemistry in Shanghai Jiaotong University of China in 2011. He researched at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a visiting scholar in 2014.8-2015.7. His research interests are key materials in lithium ion batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries including solid electrolytes, electrode materials, and electro-oxidation catalysts in alkaline fuel cells. He has published more than thirty papers in professional journals including Advanced MaterialsSmall Journal of Power Sources, Journal of Membrane Science, etc. Now, he serves as a reviewer for several international journals including Journal of Material Chemistry AJournal of Power SourcesPhysical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsJournal of Membrane ScienceRSC AdvanceJournal of Applied Polymer Science etc.




Representative paper list

[1] Zhang Pengfei, Li Mingtao*, Yang Bolun, Y. Fang, X. Jiang, G.M. Veith, X.-G. Sun, S. Dai*, Advanced Materials, 27 (2015) 8088-8094.

[2] Mingtao Li, Wenshuai Zhu *, Pengfei Zhang, Yanhong Chao, Qian He, Bolun Yang, Huaming Li, Albinab Borisevich & Sheng Dai, Small, 12 (2016) 3535-3542.

[3] Wang Lu, Du Tingting, Cheng Jin, Xie Xing, Yang Bolun*, Li Mingtao*, Journal of Power Sources, 280 (2015) 550-554.

[4] Li Mingtao*, Wang Lu, Yang Bolun, Du Tingting, Zhang Ying, Electrochimica Acta, 123 (2014) 296-302.

[5] Li, Mingtao, Yang Li* , Fang Shaohua, Dong Siming, Journal of Power Sources, 196, (2011), 1502-1506.

[6] Li Mingtao, Yang Li*, Fang Shaohua, Dong Siming, Shin-ichi Hirano, Kazuhiro Tachibana, Journal of Power Sources, 196, (2011), 8662-8668.  

[7] Li, Mingtao, Yang Li*, Fang Shaohua, Dong Siming, Journal of Membrane Science, 366, (2011), 245-250. 

   [8] Li Mingtao*, Yang Bolun, Wang Lu, Zhang Ying, Zhang Zhan, Fang Shaohua, Zhang Zhengxi, Journal of Membrane Science, 447 (2013) 222-227.

   [9] Long Qu, Pei Liu, Peng Zhang, Tao Wang, Yikun Yi, Pu Yang, Xiaolu Tian, Mingtao Li*, Bolun Yang, Carbon-nanotube/sulfur cathode with in-situ assembled Si3N4/graphene interlayer for high-rate and long cycling-life lithium-sulfur batteries, Electrochimica Acta, 296 (2019) 155-164.

    [10] Long Qu, Pei Liu, Yikun Yi, Tao Wang, Pu Yang, Xiaolu Tian, Mingtao Li*, Bolun Yang, Sheng Dai*, Enhanced Cycling Performance for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries by a Laminated 2D g-C3N4/Graphene Cathode Interlayer, ChemSusChem, 2019, 12, 213-223.

    [11] Wei Wu, Yikun Yi, Tao Wang, Tunan Gao, Qisheng Huo, Shuyan Song, Mingtao Li*, Zhen-An Qiao*, Coordination-Self-Assembly Approach toward Aggregation-Free Metal Nanoparticles in Ordered Mesoporous Carbons, ChemElectroChem, 2019, 6, 724-730.

    [12] Xiaolu Tian, Yikun Yi, Pu Yang, Pei Liu, Long Qu, Mingtao Li*, Yong-Sheng Hu*, Bolun Yang, High-Charge Density Polymerized Ionic Networks Boosting High Ionic Conductivity as Quasi-Solid Electrolytes for High-Voltage Batteries, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2019, 11, 4001-4010.

    [13] Yikun, Yi, Hongping Li, Honghong Chang, Pu Yang, Xiaolu, Tian, Pei Liu, Long Qu, Mingtao Li*, Bolun Yang, Huaming Li, Wenshuai Zhu* and Sheng Dai*, Few-Layer Boron Nitride with Engineered Nitrogen Vacancies for promoting Conversion of Polysulfide as a Cathode Matrix for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Chemistry - A European Journal, Online.

   [14] Yuenan Zheng, Yikun Yi, Meihong Fan, Hanyu Liu, Xue Li, Rui Zhang, Mingtao Li*, Zhen-An Qiao*, A High-Entropy Metal Oxide as Chemical Anchor of Polysulfide for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Energy Storage Materials, Online.



Research Field

 1. Lithium-Ion Battery Materials, including inorganic nanomaterials, polymer materials, ionic liquid.

 2. Nano anode catalyst for urea fuel cell.

 3. Lithium-Sulfur Battery Materials, including cathode, electrolyte, solid eletrolyte. 

 4. Ionic liquid heat storage materials.

Enrolling Students

 We enroll master and doctoral students from the above fields

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