RGFP共度第35个教师节 2019-09-12
招收2020年推荐免试攻读硕士学位研究生 2019-09-06
One paper was published in Polymer Degradation and Stability 2019-08-19
One paper was published in Polymer 2019-07-19
One paper was published in Polymer 2019-07-10
Congratulations to Dr. Wang for winning the Best Poster Award at the CAMX 2018 2018-10-19
RGFPers went to Yichang to study 2018-08-24
Room-temperature fully recyclable phenolic resin 2018-07-11
RGFPers attended the Baekeland 2018 Symposium 2018-05-03
The review on test outline of a project passed 2017-12-07
RGFPers attended the National Polymer Symposium 2017 2017-10-17
欢迎新同学 2017-09-13
RGFP招收2018级推荐免试攻读硕士学位研究生 2017-09-13
研究组申请的国家发明专利获得授权 2017-07-11
One paper was published on Reactive and Functional Polymers 2017-07-10
One paper on the pyrolysis mechanism of phenolic resin was published online 2017-02-08
RGFPers attended the 2nd National Symposium on the Academic and Application of Benzoxazine Resin 2016-10-27
RGFP招收2017级推荐免试攻读硕士学位研究生 2016-09-15
One paper on MD study of PR will be published in Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2016-08-25
RGFP attended the 30th Academic Annual Conference of CCS 2016-07-07
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