Invited contribution of Zheng and Fangxian has been published online of Rare Metals 2019-05-24
The paper by Jiayuan Li is accepted by EES 2019-05-17
The paper by Sai Zhang is accepted by JC 2019-05-06
The invited review by Wei is accepted by Materials Today Chemistry 2019-04-29
The work on FLP-CoBOx by Zhang Sai and Huang Zhengqiang is accepted by Journal of Catalysis 2019-03-10
The work on Ru-MWCNTs for HER by Gou Wangyan is accepted 2019-01-27
The theoretical work on Pd size effect by Zhaoming Xia is accepted 2019-01-07
The work on CeO2 for dephosphorylation by Tianzhu Yao and Zhimin Tian is accepted 2018-12-18
The work on Pt-CeO2 by Cao Fangxian is accepted by Catal. Sci. Technol. 2018-06-15
张赛成功申请中国博士后科学特别资助项目 2018-06-07
The review paper by Professor Ma Yuanyuan is accepted by Chemical Society Review 2018-05-27
李佳源获博士后创新人才支持计划支持 2018-05-14
Tian Zhimin has won the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation 2018-04-29
Invited research work of Sai and Zhaoming has been accepted by ChemNanoMat 2018-03-09
Our invited review article on surface control of CeO2 has been published on Surf. Sci. Rep. 2018-02-24
Zhang Sai s paper is accepted by ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2018-02-08
Zhang Sai s work is accepted by J. Catal. 2018-02-04
Gao Wei and Xia Zhaoming s work is accepted by AFM 2018-01-17
Gao Wei s paper is accepted by ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 2017-11-30
恭喜博士生李家源获得智造顺德奖学金 2017-10-30
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